Red Blooded American Misfits

Our goal is to band together and keep America and Americans alive and free.


Welcome to “Red Blooded American Misfit” Country.

A patriotic community and the home of Make Peace with Police, and Saving Lives By Changing Lives Academy.

We are a community of patriots and people who inspire to become the best versions of ourselves by taking responsibility for our own mind, soul, body, choices, actions, lives, and freedom.

Our goal is to band together and keep America and Americans alive and free.

We are patriots of the United States of America, and we aspire to mend the divide that has been fashioned by a handful of malevolent elites. These people have created smoke and mirrors in an attempt to divert “we the people.” Their illusions were devised to separate us by our differences. They have deployed countless tactics to keep us at combat with each other, rather than holding the guilty accountable for their crimes against humanity.

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Education and Mission

Education is one of the most powerful tools that we have. It is our mission to provide various platforms of education so that we as educated people can avoid the impulsive judgements that are dividing us and preventing positive changes.

Please take the time to educate yourself about our projects and our intentions before you make any snap judgements. Search your heart and realize that we must find positive solutions to our country’s biggest problems. Sinking the ship that keep us all afloat is not the answer. Together we have the power to make a positive change.

You can read more about our founder below or in the “About Travis” section at, and find more information about each of our missions. Feel free to join our email list and keep up to date on events and much more to come. You can also contact us if you have any questions.

Together we stand and divided we fall. Let’s stand together in the fight against the real evils of the world and stop allowing them to divide “we the people,” and create their one world agenda. We need to wake up the woke and help them realize that America can improve without becoming a communist nation. Do your homework, wake up, and stop the divide and conquer agenda before you lose your real freedoms.

Together we can keep America and Americans alive and free.